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The Association is keen to protect and, where appropriate, sympathetically enhance the habitats of its fisheries for invertebrates, fish and anglers alike...

Over recent seasons, our members have completed major works on our fisheries which have been recognised by national bodies. Projects have included


  • Installation of artificial log jams and flow deflectors

  • Placement of marginal brashy material to slow erosion

  • Tree hinging to provide overhead cover and shelter for juvenile fish

  • Scattered log pinning into pool tail habitat to provide lies for larger fish

  • Selective felling of softwoods to provide diversity in canopy height and density

  • Use of horse-drawn lumber transport to manage materials arising from felling and coppicing


Wherever possible, improvement works utilise on site or locally sourced materials in their construction. Planning and execution is conducted in close co-operation with organisations such as the Wild Trout Trust, The Grayling Society and the East Yorkshire Chalk Rivers Trust to ensure that best practice is observed.

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